“Cranes in the Sky”

“I tried. I really tried. I tried extremely hard.I’m tired. I’m really tired. I’m extremely tired.” What you just read was a note that I was going to leave behind to my family and friends after I thought about taking my life more than 10 times over the past three weeks. I’m about to be […]

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“Extra Perks” Vol.1

 Okay! I know I haven’t posted this month, but I just had to come share this with you. I believe that when you are trying to be great in this lifetime, not just good, so many things are thrown at you in an attempt to distract you; To test how resilient you really are. I […]

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Good-bye November!

Last year this time your girl was a COMPLETE mess! But GOD! I made it a whole year; 365 days! I originally wanted to talk about the trials I’ve overcome this year, but I don’t feel like being all emotional. I’ve already shared the best news of the year with you guys and there isn’t […]

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Case closed….

At 2:14pm today I opened an email from my lawyer ; my body got extremely hot and tears began to flow like waterfalls. I wanted to be sure about what I was reading because I’m no lawyer. At 2:22pm she emailed me back ensuring that what I read was indeed true. After 6 long years, […]

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Round Two…

past noun 1. what has existed or has happened at some earlier time: November, we meet again… Sunday my pastor’s message was entitled “Forgetting Those Things”. Awesome message and I couldn’t help but agree on and “amen” everything he said. Lord knows there are some things that could stand to be forgotten, but like anything […]

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I am uber excited about the positive responses and words of encouragement that continue to stem from my first post. For that, I must say thank you! Numerous people have asked me when they should expect future postings. I’ve decided that posting once a month should be sufficient. This month has been eventful. From the […]

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